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Everyone here already in the group Litestep-users
The group DitchDefault is starting the World Screenshot Championship 2011 now!

If you wish to participate, visit….
check out Check This Contest Out - Urstyle Contest desktop-screenshots.deviantart… at Desktop-Screenshots
deskmodder-de Is Holding A Screenshot Contest, Check It Out --->…
          Hello everyone! our friend FateZoom is hosting a small muckups contest

              :bulletgreen: Rules

                 1. Minimum Size 450x450 pixles (you are able to make them wide or narrow)
                 2. Credit Owners - wallpapers and icons
                 3.Must Be Newly Made - means after this contest was posted
                 4. One submission - You are allowed to update yours, change it or something like that but only one submission
                 5.All Must Be Designed ( except wallpapers and icons, but they to may be designed)
                 6.You Must Have Giving Permission Of The Owner Of The Wallpapers and Icons To Use
                       7. Recourse Allowed

              :bulletgreen: Requirements

                 1. Logon Screen
                 2. Desktop Clean (no open windows or anything, doesnt include taskbar, desktop icons, rainmeter,cad,gadgets,etc)
                 3.Windows Opened

                 The Contest Starts Now 8/3/2010
                 The Contest Ends 9/1/2010

              :bulletgreen: Prizes

                 1st - 200 points
                 2nd - 100 points
                 3rd - 75

              you can donate prizes too!

              for more info check it…

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